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There are Email Answers given by me for World Wide Customers, Depending on the type of questions the specialised mystic answers take shape in their own way, if you need detailed answer better to buy best priced ones:

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Message By xxxxxx: hi there this is xxxxxx from India few months back I met a Pakistani guy he is my very good friend I m nin love with him but from his side it is nil he said we can never get married bcoz of some personal prblm and culture difference and I m planning to go abroad and settle down there in uk will I be able to do thay my dat of birth is 2 July 1985 town born dehradun 12:15pm day time India plz solve my prblm

Here are the answers for your questions:

OUR ANALYSIS OF YOUR PRESENT SITUATION (No.s are for our Mystic Oraculums references):

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Q.No.1. Message By xxxxxx: hi there this is xxxxxx from India few months back I met a Pakistani guy he is my very good friend I m nin love with him but from his side it is nil he said we can never get married bcoz of some personal prblm and culture difference.

Answer: No.946: With Difficulty and Middle People, he may be available to you But it will be of short-lived. Even his Love will be of Low Quality. “NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE.”  So it is advisable to forget about it. Failure and treachery, betrayal, loss, suffering is indicated. This mystic answer can be interpreted as, what ever you have in your mind and your thinking attitude is not proper. Unless you change your thinking about love it may delay your getting a good partner and problems may occur in your relationship, hence you are advised first change your attitude.

(Ending of a situation)The skeletal head is symbolic of the end of a situation. The crossed bones signify terminations, leaving a way for beginnings. The Death card represents changes which are ultimate. There is a finality about them. The Death card indicates the end of a situation. The old gives way to the new. It shall bring with it new beliefs and new understanding. There are times when situations end in life and new beginnings are seen and experienced. Certain beginnings are accepted easily and some may need adjustments. The person shall now be able to progress and let go of the past. Death suggests moving to newer surroundings with a new attitude. Things are going to change. You may experience new relationships and a different lifestyles. It is time for a complete change which shall come naturally. This card in a relationship reading signifies a deep change in the relationship. It can be the end of a relationship.

Q.No.2. and I m planning to go abroad and settle down there in uk will I be able to do thay my dat of birth is 2 July 1985 town born dehradun 12:15pm day time India plz solve my prblm

Lord Angada, Devotee of Rama answers you that your intended travel may be, will be nearby and Auspicious (Shubham) profitable now, that is in the present situation. You will definitely go to another country, may be before 27 Dec. 2006 If You ACT FAST. But you will likely to face lot of delays in your trials for travel. But you are destined to Travel Abroad Sooner or Later.

(No proper reason and logic, disconnection)  You are not able to continue your spiritual growth as logic is making you double minded. You are likely to be indecisive, which would lead to delays. Legal matters need to be handled with care and vigilance. You should plan and act, rather than wait for things to happen by themselves.

All things are possible if you see the Possibilities. See Yourself in a new light, and fly! Your spirit is limitless and free. Your negative mind, however, only sees your limitations. The negative mind sees no way through setbacks and wallows in disappointment. Negativity perpetuates itself to the confinement of your spirit. Live in the radiance of your spirit and you will soar!

It is indicative of Financial Success. You should be more practical and have more commitment leading to success. Material Happiness with Partner and comforts are available. LEARN TO SEE WITH THE EYES OF LOVE AND RENDER HELP WHEREVER YOU CAN.


You have to think a lot about the situations. The Circumstances will definitely improve for better. The difficult period is soon going to be over giving way to more positive times to come. You are likely to feel a sense of calm and relief. You will be able to experience a feeling of liberation. Your inner strength is likely to get stronger. You are able to experience and channel a healing energy into your life. There is enough freedom and space within a relationship to make it successful but be careful.


As per the data given by you about your questions THE MYSTIC ORACULUMS HAVE ANSWERED:

As per the birth-data given by you about your questions:

We have cast your Horoscope and Your Sun Sign is GEMINI, Moon Sign is SAGGITARIUS.
Present Vimsottari Dasa Running: Sun Mahadasa Rahu Anthardasa upto27 Dec, 2006. (Good for Foreign Travel, wear Gomedh – Zircon Gem not less than 4 carats to the right Hand middle finger made in gold or silver)

Your Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, and 5

Lucky Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Lucky Dates: 1, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13, 14, 22, 23

Careful days: Thursday                                                                                                                              

You are most likely inclined to network happily with the opposite gender, enjoying romance and the thoughts of and pursuit of passion with partners of similar passion.
You might feel misunderstood by relatives and friends- like an outcaste, often just due to misunderstandings.  Satkalatra Yoga is found in this chart. You are attracted to noble and virtuous partners and your spouse will probably be one such person. Nobility of character is a precious commodity not easily to be found in the majority of people. Your spouse will probably be morally strict, god-conscious, and in love with you.

Your chart has ""Matrumooladdhana"" Yoga. This means that you gain wealth in some way connected with your mother, which can mean the earth, the birth mother, or another mother type person or entity. Caring for others is motherly, for example. Venus or the Lord of the fourth house are somewhat blessed due to their presence in the auspicious ninth or gainful eleventh house. Depending on various other factors in the chart, this combination tends to have a positive effect on the number and quality of conveyances or properties. Some undesirable difficulties are likely to come in the Bhuktis and Antardashas of the lord of your first house and the malefics that affect it, which are either the sixth or twelfth lord, and a malefic aspect from some planet.  These difficulties will be uncomfortable to deal with, but may very well move by in their course of time.

Accumulation of wealth. Gains in the area of finances. In your chart, Mars is aspecting the Moon, which is a weak version of ""Chandra Mangal"" Yoga, where Mars and the Moon occupies the same constellation. This combination will definitely give your mind a passionate streak. You tend to be fiery and energized and sometimes impatient and quick-tempered. How exactly this will effect your life depends on different other factors in the chart, like what other aspects the two involved planets receive, what houses they occupies, and whether Mars is a benefic or a malefic for the rising sign.

Moon connected with Mars indicates extreme sensitivity. The Moon/Mars person may also be reckless, explosive and impulsive in action. You have sharp mental ability, critical thinking, and good energy for lots of education. Some trouble may appear in the body parts connected with Gemini such as the lungs or arms. Brothers and sisters pose somewhat of a problem. Very fortunate, wealthy. you are extremely beautiful. Your almond eyes play the role of a magnet. Long nose and graceful look, fair complexion, brown coloured hair. You are intelligent with energy, enthusiasm, vigour and vitality. Hence you may be greedy and aspire for everything. However, you are not obstinate. You can attain more success when adverse conditions prevail. You weigh the merits and demerits of each case and come to a final decision after deep consideration.

You will speak out what you feel is right whether others will digest it or not. You will be fond of dogs and other pet animals. You make promises but may break them. You do not have a good relationship with your parents and siblings but will be leader among your relations. You have a determined, truthful character. You may be a teacher, bank employee, or attached to religious institutions. You are very good in household activities. When you get older, you develop more and more love and attachment to your spouse, and you become more and more happy. Benefit from the children will be to a limited extent only. Your health will generally be good. You may have acute disorders of the womb and uterus. Problems connected with thighs.

You are a peace loving and loved by several partners, interested in religious rites. You are most likely inclined to network happily with the opposite gender, enjoying romance and the thoughts of and pursuit of passion with partners of similar passion. You are noble and of good conduct. Highly learned in the shastras. A good position for a successful astrologer. You may attain fame after your 39th year. You may be wealthy and have an attractive personality. Marriage likely at the age of 23 to 25. You are the kind of person who seems to have everything together and under control. You know how to manage it all and people feel like you are very together. You have high mental ideals and you are going for them gradually bit by bit. It feels like they are difficult to obtain. There is some restriction placed on you but you are steadfastly pursuing them none the less.

This very together quality makes you popular and likable.  You might feel misunderstood by relatives and friends- like an outcaste, often just due to misunderstandings. You must work on being more virtuous. You will have a strained relationship with your siblings, and may eventually lose your family. You will attain fame and enjoy luxurious comforts. You will be very fortunate and will become very famous. You will have gain in all enterprises. You may benefit through your elder brother.  
You will be interested in music and dance. You may be very close to those in a high position or politicians, and resides in foreign countries. You may have a tendency to indulge in sensual pleasure. Reversals of fortune through impulsiveness and rashness (So be careful).

The Moon is a soothing planet which replaces the Sun's radiance with an attractive coolness. The Moon in the Fourth house makes you approachable by everyone, high and low, rich and poor. A sympathetic chord resounds when we meet someone with the Moon in the Fourth house. The depth of the ocean is in your eyes and the tranquillity of your disposition can quiet the most turbulent emotions in others. Motherly affection, nice cars, pleasant travel and universal respect give a sense of contentment which makes you non-competitive with others. You are popular among relations and loved by the opposite sex. You are affluent, but often afflicted by physical problems. Your mother will be short-lived if the Moon is in the 4th house.

The person with the Moon in the 4th house always becomes a great authority with the help of brethren. Early life is not very happy and smooth. Full family support including that of spouse and children; and encouragement from them. The 4th house is for environment, home, parents and their end of life--especially of the mother. If a strong Moon is posited in the 4th house, you are powerful, with a rank like a treasurer; youthful with pleasant spouse and children; plenty of prosperity. Helpful to friends; favours adulteresses, sickness from food; lives in palatial houses. Charitable. Marine trade including fishery, pearl and shell; import and export of goods. Devoted to God and godly people; gain from agriculture.

With a full Moon in the 4th house you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Your mother may have been ailing; so you may have been breastfed by a nurse. Debauch. The Moon of the 4th house makes you virtuous, large-hearted, a person of authority, melancholy, learned, well-versed in scriptures; and fortunate. If the Moon is in movable signs, you have to change residence frequently. Wealth, property inherited from the mother; devotion to mother, gives good luck. The latter half of life is happier than the or earlier. Ambition for happiness is fulfilled. You keep yourself fit and stout. Income from mines; marriage brings riches, good luck and estate. You will be endowed with relatives, paraphernalia and conveyances, charitable, fond of travelling by water and will neither be very happy nor be miserable. You will be free from the excesses of happiness and unhappiness.

So to say, you will have a balanced position in regard to this aspect and will be generally happy. You will gain position through relatives, will occupy good positions in banks, financial institutions etc. You will be learned, addicted to the opposite sex, endowed with various kinds of wealth, will eat non-vegetarian items and will live in beautiful abodes. This placement brings out the energy of action, makes one dynamic, aggressive, and gives a desire to be important. This placement will make you very happy, beautify yourself richly, be firm in disposition, virtuous, enjoy pleasures, be well-disposed towards elders and be pious. You become highly social, your immediate surroundings are very pleasant, and your family is happily disposed towards you. Psychologically, however, you are intense dissatisfied and you may long for the spouse or property of others. You are afflicted by a secret contradiction; nothing can soothe your nerves.

Your mind is in a state of delicacy so that others have to handle you carefully. If you push too hard, the person will become unbalanced. You may become absorbed in a problem and become imbalanced. Holds a high post as a leader. You are a strong woman which is not the usual feminine lady, so you may not be so easy to motivate to action, and may be an outcast. This may not be bad, but undoubtedly some will think you are bad. You are very bright, drawing to an administrative career and illuminating your mind in such a way that you succeed in attaining social status. Your heart will be in your work and you will travel widely.

You may visit shrines.  Mercury enables you to earn money from trade and commerce, the legal profession, or any job where literary and mathematical abilities are needed; you may also make a good civil servant. You are quite sociable and your sharp mind may qualify you to become an astrologer. You prefer the company of enlightened and intelligent people. You receive wealth from a considerate employer, a discerning friend or a maternal uncle. Your elder brother will be very encouraging to you and your special aptitudes for diplomacy, journalism and authorship will be recognized. This Mercury is propitious. Gain through craft, writing or business. After the 19th year gain of property, progeny and wealth.

You get a lot of property. Learned; fortunate; with plenty of enjoyment; fascinating spouses; skilful; sharp; favourite of your own people. Poor appetite, cheerful, scholarly, rich, gentle, sensuous and always gaining. Free from sickness; happy, cordial, renowned, talented, and studious. If Mercury is in the 11th house, you get longevity, wealth, happiness; committed; faithful attendants. Lead a life of real luxury and pleasure, courteous, strong and eager to acquire all knowledge. Gain of wealth in 45th year. Has more daughters, well-wisher of your own people; infirm; rich; dear to the opposite sex; handsome, dark-complexioned with beautiful eyes. Sensual, affluent, modest, pleasure loving, gentle, strong, knowledge of several disciplines. (Not to be taken too literally for sure.) 
When Mercury occupies this sign you become a big businessman or a lawyer. Whatever you do brings you an abundance of money and good luck. In literary work you are exceptionally bright. Your company is illuminating and your conversation captivating. Your mind dwells on the higher problems of life. You are talkative and your mind is changeable. This is good for storytelling but it can also lead to exaggeration. Your intellect is governed by emotion. You will be a happy person in the overall sense. You will be engaged in good deeds.

Venus provides a sensitivity which enables you to vibrate to a higher frequency and learn how to dissolve your self-consciousness by merging it with something else. The object of assimilation may be an ideal for which you fight, a goal you want to achieve, or even the beloved with whom you desire, but the central theme in all of these is self-forgetfulness, aroused by sensitivity and the desire for union with something sublime, higher than oneself. You are a money-lender; all are indebted to you. Grows richer. Religious, charitable, daily distribution of free food; known for piety. Gain through servants, attendants and relatives. Robust. There isn't a man in town who does not take a loan from you. They pay interest and make you richer. Your residence is outstanding. Gain through brothers and physical comforts. Pious and generous. You are for a spiritual existence and holiness.

Stout, large hearted, blessed with spouse, friends; service to preceptor; kind host; prosperous; learned; fortunate; self-made; patrimony for the good of respectable people, festivity, pilgrimage, guests. Contented, simple living, thin, respected by own community. Wealth gain in 15th year and luck in 25th. Gain of garments. Calm and balanced, conveyance. Devout, austere, offers adoration, oceanic sign on the feet, enjoyments and sexual pleasure, blessed with a long living father. You have a very refined and artistic temperament; intellectual giant for all kinds of intellectual exercises; kind and sympathetic; fond of art and music, pure literature, social intercourse with intellectual persons. Success abroad, gain through travel and sea voyage. Gain through relatives by marriage, marriage to a foreigner, or to one like-minded. 

You are honest and sincere in love making. Generous, more than one spouse, charming, wealthy, learned, noble and gentle, social. Gain and success through art and stage-craft; legacy and partners. You have a round face; fierce, selfish and quarrelsome. Gain through travel and foreign countries, gentle, soft, learned, philanthropic, recognized by the community, much intellectual. With Rahu in this position you are always trying to attain your goal, but unfortunately your goal is not often clear to you. Under such conditions you alway worry about unimportant things or strive after something which seems important momentarily but gives no ultimate satisfaction, and to attain your assumed objective you may associate with undesirable characters who bring a bad name.

You suffer from complex ailments which are difficult to diagnose. Rahu promotes health; promises longevity; grants gifts, legacies and inheritance from the dead. You are extravagant, sick, strife with brothers, life away from birthplace, unhappy family life. Denied happiness through spouse, children, honour, and education; suffers from diseases of rectum, diabetes; hindrances or enemies. Complains of gastralgia or hystericus etc. Denied patrimony. Respected and recognized by the rulers and pundits. Fortune smiles once; but losses mock you again and again. Forsaken by the noble for no reason. Gain of sufficient wealth from the government.; and sometimes it is lost. Well-built, short-tempered.

Free from danger; suffers from diseases of the generative organs, hydrocele, gain through defeated enemy. Trouble, ill-spoken, slow coach and ailing. Vicious. Much trouble and suffering. Praised by the state. Condemned by some. Many ups and downs. Stomach problem through hard labour. Honour and fame from the government, noble by deed and thought, healthy, some income or employment. Happy in old age. Infections, disease-seldom. You are brave and energetic, generous, potent, diplomatic, enterprising, sexy, socials in the family, affluent, fortunate, sound health, black mole on the face, love for theatre. If weak, it causes much trouble and great losses. Accidents.  Few children. In the case of Marital relationships be careful.

REMEDIES SUGGESTED for Present Situation and Queries
(Only Optional, You need not do all of them or any of them. It is up to you and only if your time permits or if you are really interested in it. If you have interest in you’re Particular Cultural or Religious Background and interested in doing the Remedies related to your religious methods, please enquire at we will suggest further suitable remedies related to your specific purpose and goals):

Main Remedies for Xxxxxx Joshi: anna-danam (feeding the hungry), donations to poor and mentally handicapped children are the Remedies for you.

Easy Optional Remedies (IN DAILY LIFE):

1) For continued good fortune you should help or serve the brothers and brotherly relatives. You should help or atleast behave respectfully with your brother or brotherly relatives.

2) Do not tell a lie and have no evil eye on the things of others.

3) Don’t wear blue colour clothes on any Tuesdays.

4) You will be of Good moral character.

5) Drop 8(Eight) lead coins every year in the running water till the age of forty two (42)

6) Never Wear Blue colour clothes On Saturdays

7) It is better if you wear Yellow Sapphire Original Gem not less than 4 carats, Ring (Right hand Ring Finger) or Chain made in Gold on any Thursday (After Nov.2006)

8) Respect and serving the Spiritual Masters Will decrease your Negative Karma a lot.

9) Serve some food to Cows, dogs and the birds if possible especially on Fridays.

10) Fast or Half Fast (One time Meal) on Every SUNDAY or atleast no alcohol, non-vegetarian food (not even fish or eggs also) should be consumed on any Friday.

11) Fast or Half Fast (One time Meal) on Every Tuesday or atleast no alcohol, non-vegetarian food (not even fish or eggs also) should be consumed on any Tuesday (Worshipping Hanuman, Putting RedSindoor on Forehead regularly)

12) Worshipping Shiva on Mondays and Durga, Laxmi on Fridays and Worshipping Durga Ma/Kali Ma, Vishnu, Shani and Rahu on Saturdays and Adithya
       Hridayam on Sundays Will solve all your problems. I am sure of it. No doubt about it.



You should have clear thoughts and a deep understanding of the undercurrents of the situation. You will get success through clarity of thought. The need is to adopt the qualities of strength of purpose and being steadfast in approach. You should be able to think about your emotions and feelings in order to get a clear perspective of what you desire. Thus with a clearer sense of purpose you can plan a line of action for future success. You Or Your Would be Partner are cautious in committing themselves because they had faced difficulties in their relationships in the past.

PRECAUTIONS: Don’t be in a Hurry, Have Patience.



Live with reverence, with great respect and gratitude. You have not earned this life, it has been a sheer gift from beyond. Feel thankful and prayerful, and take as many bites of it as possible and chew it well and digest it well. – Osho. Surrender to the highest force of your being and expect that Which is always for your highest purpose.
Let go and live. You do not always need to control the Direction, simply surrender to the energy of all. You need not use your logical mind to create miracles, Only know that the answer to a question comes when you let go The need to have that answer. Be sensitive. Respond rather than react. Be stoic. A seeker should approach the temple of ‘Venerable- Master’ with utmost humility, leaving the Ego at the door-step.

Take care of your feelings and be sensitive to the needs of others. There is no need for oversensitivity and hurt feelings – you always  have choice as to how you feel. Remember others also have feelings! Respect is divine. Be sensitive to your environment. Actively engage all of your senses as you walk upon the earth.

Balance is a state of being, not a fine line to tread, Be aware of all possibilities, for balance is not available to you when you are only working with one side of things. Hold your composure in the face of difficulties and when you remember to breathe, balance is there for you.



PS: PLEASE TRY to READ AND RE-READ MY Messages many times, as they have hidden meanings and mystic-advices and as the Time Passes by you will get the Clarity. We Guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised and benefited a lot by the guidance given by our unique and rare combination of mystic Oraculums. My Help is available for you all the Time. You are Welcome to ask me questions/consult me any time. Just be Positive. Relax. Take Steps One after the Other as advised. Proceed Step By Step. Don't Strain Your Self. But Be Fearless and Bravely Act on the Things. The Divine Grace is upon you. No need to Worry from Now On. Just Carry On with your Actions. You are about to achieve the Success soon. This is highly Accurate Prediction, so you can relax and be calm and cool. Don't fear about any thing. All remedies suggested here are only If possible and can be modified and flexible, and not all are Compulsory.

*Please Note that all standard disclaimers and the ‘disclaimer and privacy policy’ of do apply.

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