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Navagraha Shanthi, Zodiac Healing, Counselling, Wisdom Advises, Lalkitab Remedies, Gem Healing, Remote Healing, Aura Clearing, Easy Rituals, Meditations, Donations and Other Secret Tantric Advises to get out of the problems, Secret Methods and Techniques to increase the Success Rate.

This invaluable site reveals the answers from the ancient and modern arts of Fortune Telling with high mystic-energy of intuitive divination which will hold you spellbound. We use many fascinating methods of seeing into the future which will enable you to take control of your life through the magical arts of Fortune Telling which have stood the test of centuries and even now helping millions. Astrology is the oldest of the occult sciences, and still the crowning glory of all the methods of predictions. For Question types consulting we don’t need any birth-data, it is optional. The accuracy of answers has no bearing whether you supply Birth-data or not.

There are mainly the following types of remedies followed in astrology, they are:
1) Mantras 2) Tantra Rituals 3) Yantras 4) Meditations 5) Donations 6) Homas 7) Dhaaranas 8) Akarshanas
9) Nirmanas 10) Sthapanas 11) Pujas (Worshipping) 12) Sevas (Services) 13) Sacrifice 14) Sthothra (Reciting)
15) Parayanam (Continuous chanting) 16) Visiting Holy-Places 17) Devotion and Faith. 18) Lal-Kitab Remedies 19) Gems and Wearing of rings or chains. 20) Amulets & Talismans. 21) Crystals and Reiki, Chakra Astro-Balancings. 22) Homeo and Ayurveda Therapies. Etc.

Now this is again dedicated to the most sublime of all the occult sciences and most practical aspects of tantric, Vedic Astrology which is always enigmatic and there is no need to repeat the importance of classics. So, we do your Moon Sign analysis, based Horoscope readings with different Dasas (Planetary Influence Periods), such as Vimsotthari, Varshaphal etc. And the different Houses (Bhavas, Vargas) are analyzed, studied to answer all your questions and interpreted. You will get a combination of question chart readings and the Horo Scope readings, If you have your Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Date of Birth. If no exact Birth data is available, don't worry! You can supply what ever relevant information about you, and we will use many of the tools of divination, to give you the top most, Best readings and Predictions of this world.
1) Answers to Your Questions from Question types.
2) HoroScope readings Chart Only.
3) HoroScope readings with analysis, answers and remedies.
4) HoroScope analysis plus Question Oraculum answers and remedies selected from Question types.
*Important Note: The remedies are available and can be Tantric, Shaiva, Shaktheya, and other Vedic, Lal Kithab, Traditional Astrological, Mystic Yantras and Manthras, Nava Graha, Adhi-devatha Shanthi rituals, vrathas and Danas (Donations of articles related to the Present Problem/s to pacify the Planets and their Adhi-Devathas), Manthra japas, Meditations, homas, yagnas, charity works, Gems, Colors, Lucky numbers, Lucky times, Lucky dates, Prayers, Pilgrimages, austerities, Personal and Distant - Healing techniques, Secular and all religious remedies are available and very carefully, most confidentially suggested, from most easy, flexible to highly powerful suggestions, depending on the capacity and cultural background of the customer. These should be performed joyously and at no point of time the remedies should become stressful, expensive or hard to carry out. But a sincere and trusting commitment is needed.

1) Magic Healing/spell/ritual for a specific task, if you want us to help in achieving your specific good purpose, ambition, target*.
2) Horoscope Healing (Your Zodiac, Planets will be healed), this will be done at regular intervals as and when you need.

Please remember that you will be required to lead a highly meditative, totally silent, calm, peaceful, environment, undistracted with any sensual, stimulative activities and a life of pure thoughts, intentions and habits in all respects and at no point of time bad karmas should not be done or lies should be spoken. Should be always truthful, honest, sincere, tolerant and patient.

Good Luck and May God Bless You all! IT is the Most Merciful, Beneficient and Protective. So feel Secure and believe in ITS Wisdom to light your path through ITS Different Manifesting forces of Planetary energies for the evolution of the individual consciousness and emancipation.

And now Some more suggestions about the performance of Remedies:

The remedies prescribed by the astrologer should be done according to one’s affordability and limitations. Sincerity, Will-Power and faith are much more important than the ritual. For faster results, perform and go for Yantra, Mantra and Tantra remedies to attract Cosmic Energy. You need not stop, your own religious or other Worshippings, while performing our advised Remedies. The Remedies prescribed will be mostly applicable for present period, according to their individual Horoscope, Transitory Planetary periods, and mostly to pacify the Planets and relieve you from your problems, so please do the remedies with utmost dedication, faith, honesty in the power of Almighty God.

The Remedies will be always changing with the Time and Problems, Hence don’t go to too many Astrologers, without doing any Remedies, and going around too many Astrologers will not solve any problem.

If you do apart from Remedies good Sat-Sang (Right Association), Vaasthu - FengShui, Service to people and to Spiritual-Masters, Meditation, An Attitude of Gratitude, Silence and maintain Calmness in relationships, You will definitely Enjoy lot of benefits and all your problems will go away one by one, no doubt about it.

Regular Religious Prayers, Silence, Helping and donating Physically Handicapped and Mentally Challenged, Blind, Deaf, Dumb people, Giving food, compassion and protection to cows, dogs, birds, crows, and to all the living creatures regularly will definitely fetch you the blessings of Mother Nature and also please, Leave Selfishness, Proud-ness, Ego related Desires.  A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you. Believe me Success is yours! You will experience miracles in your life.

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