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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we have to ask or choose questions from ‘CLICK TO CONSULT’ Page only? Or can we ask individually without selecting from ‘CLICK TO CONSULT’ Page?

Yes, you can ask your own individual questions, but by choosing a particular Question Number from the ‘E-mail Consultation’ Page, will give you a wide variety of in-depth analysis and the spreads of the mystic Oraculum system are designed in an increasing depth of analysis. Any way, it is Optional to fill up the payment form details and we can predict without you, giving any description of your questions. The amount is also indicated just as an indicator only to the depth of analysis of the types of answers we have in store for you and we are flexible and there is no fixed amount infact. You can pay any amount you want to. But We will not answer for Free. There are many people who have comeback and paid/donated us after their works have been successful and got convinced of our predictions. We not only Predict, we also heal and give you energy to clear your obstacles etc. Even for a minimum case it takes 4 to 5 hours of our time to analyse and prepare the Mystic Answers, So for bigger cases it may take 8 to 10 hours to prepare the Mystic Answers. It is so, because we don’t depend on automated answers and for each case, we draw personally from our unique types of Mystic Oraculums and also horoscope is cast and both will be interpolated and an in depth Instant Mystic Predictions are arrived by the Astrologer and with his high intuitive power, he writes on the answers on the spot, which are very accurate and highly Mystical. The Astrologer puts lots of Energy, Meditation, healing power, Mystical Remedial Rituals, Mantras and Tantras to remove the Obstacles of his customers and this mysticism is our speciality. The amount of payment is not important, you can pay any amount you want to, but please try our site once sincerely, then you will know how amazingly helpful it is to lessen the burden of your problems. Let them be of what ever nature, you will get a direction in to future view of the events and a guidance which will save you lot of time and energy and much more.

What type of Astrology Do You Follow?

If You Read Carefully the Whole Site, You will know that it is a combination of, number of divination methods and also a combination of New Age and Ancient Fusion and mostly, solely and ultimately depends on the unique talent of highly accurate intuitive, clairvoyance, psychic reading and spontaneous predictive power of the astrologer. It is totally Positive Genuine Neo-Classic Scientific Mystical Astrology and gives encouragement to be proactive, selfless and optimistic about our life and future. As you can see, for most of our problems it is the ego and selfishness that are main reasons and some taskmaster planets do definitely work to teach us a lesson or two… because of this. So as you can see as our ego and selfishness reduces, in the same proportion the bad planetary influences reduce, there is no doubt about it. Hence we follow the positive path of increasing the patience level and calmness to face the stressful events and strengthening the willpower to face them and deal with them wisely. Remember what ever the predictions, all of them may not become true, but you will definitely be guided and your willpower to chose alternatives and use your free-will is definitely lighted on your path. As time passes by and as you keep on consulting, then you will know consciously more and more about your life plan and how it is proceeding. That is our purpose to make you conscious of your life something beyond your own mind. Our Stress is not on routine stuff, but to give you miraculous, astounding experience, believe it or not! There is a tremendous cosmic power working behind this endeavour.

How long it will take for you to reply once we had payed the fees?

At the earliest. At the most we may take one or two days, because in most of the cases apart from drawing Mystic Oraculum Spread Answers, We might have to cast your Vedic Horoscope and a detailed analysis of that too will be done, before giving you final answers to your Questions or Queries.

Are You Just another commercial site to get money?

If you go through this Site carefully, you will see that in fact it is an effort entirely dedicated to non-automated personal creative service given to Uphold the Sanctity and Highest Purpose of  Astrology which has been too much exploited by routine stereotyped Astrological Sites. We want to make Astrology available for Poor and downtrodden to use as a tool to overcome their social inequality. Astrology is not just for the sake of rich people only nor does it support the present socio-economic inequities perpetuated by this conditioned contrived human mind. We are using this divine tool as our destined contribution to serve as reminders of compassion, social justice, karmic cleaning and to lead a purified life devoid of any prejudice or discrimination. The purpose of Astrology is to liberate all and to benefit all irrespective of their class, caste, religion or region. I have tried many Astrological sites and Astrologers my-self. What I found is there is no predictive power in those answers and they are too general, there is neither clarity nor clarification. Anyway we are charging very low, nominal to cover the costs as you can see for yourself and we guarantee a highly personalised service to our clients. There are no hidden charges or any other cheap tactics, spamming, regular emails etc. as done by some in the Internet usually. We are a Registered Astro Company and our Mission and Motto is Passionate Dedicated Master Astro Service to Humanity and Equality. To uphold the Greatness of Astrology and renewal of its lost-glory in the masses is our Mission. To re-establish its true purpose as propounded by the Universal Sages for the attainment of self-realization. Very Few People Understand the Enlightened Light Workers’ Mystic Path and their Agenda. A lot of Energy is involved in all this process. Let the sceptics, cynics think what ever may be, we don’t care! We are not apologetic about it, Period. One thing is for Sure, We are bound to create a history in the world of Astrology.

What kind of questions can be asked?

Well you can ask any type of questions confidently. We keep all your Questions Strictly Confidential and Private. Generally in other Astro Sites, We get lot of automated analytical stuff which is of no use to many pointed questions. But our Answers are highly personalized and totally relevant to the queries. You can mention any number of questions in the Payment Processing Form. You’re Questions can be framed in any manner, it is entirely up to you, and for example they can be such as:
1) If I go to interview next Friday, will I be selected or not?
2) How is my present state of fortune or what are my present thoughts?
3) If I marry that girl how will our marriage be?
4) What is the state of my Spiritual Practice? Will I be Successful?
5) Will I win this Election, if I contest?
6) Shall I start a new Branch of Business in that City, Will it be Profitable?
7) When will I get Visa? Will I travel abroad?
8) How is the nature of my coming Supervisor going to be? Will he be Good?
9) Shall I do Business or Job? Which is better? When will I be Successful and Famous?
10) Will I have good Bank Balances and Properties?
11) How will it be I purchase that House?
12) What are the Remedies suggested for present situation to improve?

Can any one do REMEDIES? What is its necessity?

Yes, there is no restriction of any religious or cultural or national backgrounds. Planets effect and control everyone and every thing in this Universe at an immediate karmic plane. Hence Remedies performed in whatever way, need not be traditional Ritualistic only, it can be any type fit to this modern day living cultures. So, we should explore on how to integrate viable methods suitable to each individual uniquely. It can be even as simple as feeding any poor person a single meal on a Saturday or giving bread to a dog or wearing a Astro Gem Ring or Following some particular Lucky Numbers or Colours etc. So most of the time, when we follow even very simple remedies, the effects and positive results are enhanced vividly and the changes are highly perceptible for your self. You just got to try it and observe it for a while, you got nothing to lose but to gain positive blessings from the Planetary Forces!

Can we consult you in Person?

Yes, you can call me anytime and make an appointment if you live in and around our Adelaide city or you happened to do visiting Adelaide. You can find our contact details in the Contact Us page.

How we will be receiving answers?

Our preferred method is usually through e-mail but in some cases if the customer wants or if there are any extra printed reports, we will send them by post also as required and you will be notified by e-mail also regarding that. Any further clarifications after e-mailing you the answers to you will be given in emergency situations by telephone also if required. At any point of time you will be experiencing the mystic answers working in your life, but only you have to be patient, calm and observant. At the first instance the answers may sound unbelievable or confusing, but as the time passes by you will know the hidden reason/meaning behind those answers revealed getting crystal clear. And if you follow astrologers prescribed remedies, also you will notice more positive effects compared to your previous efforts for the similar situations.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

Due to high charges of payment gateways, we are presently accepting ONLY ‘PAYPAL’ payment methods through which you can pay in your own currency as ‘PAYPAL’ supports multi currency transactions. We also accept cheques or money orders made payable to ‘Shiva Astro Healing Consultancy’ by Post or Courier. Foreign cheques and money orders other than Australian should allow extra time and the relevant cheques should be made payable in ‘Australian Dollars’ only. Please note that we are not responsible for the bank charges for foreign Non-Australian cheques. In future we will expand and introduce more payment options. Any one from any country can consult us, any time. If you have any confusion, just any amount of contribution is welcome, there is no fixed amount of price as such. We want to make this Site truly International, accessible to all in the world giving them a Personal Astro-Consultative experience. All are welcome to consult us from the World, it is an international site. And is dedicated to the entire humanity wishing them peace, prosperity and happiness.

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