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About Us

I am Swamy Ananda Sunkanpally a Master Astrologer and a staunch yogic spiritualist. I am a Natural Born Psychic, Clairvoyant, Kundalini awakened-raised being since childhood. All my life I have been a spiritually researcher, a Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, Meditations, Rituals, initiated by many Masters, Clairvoyant, a Channeler, and a Master Spiritual Healer. I have been chosen by existence to dedicate my life in assisting you on your life's path. Through a psychic-clairvoyant reading I can see what the future has in store for you and if you are taking the path that is to your highest good.

My astrological research has started on web in 1996 and I have opened a website in those days only, answering questions clairvoyantly and I had a tremendous response. My research in to Indian astrology and mysticism has taken me to go in search of lot of ancient scriptures, a vast research of modern astrology and tools, including Tarot, I-ching, Numerology, Palmistry and various mystic-question charts and methodologies. My predictive accuracy is very high both through the horoscope reading and as well as question charts. I can confidently claim that, I have one of the world's most gifted Oraculum-tools available and I am one of the most powerful predictors par excellence available based in Australia right now.

My intuition and clairvoyance has a resounding healing effect on the predictions I make, and my clients are always totally satisfied.

When you see in the internet and search for astrology, there are thousands of astro based web-sites, most of them with routine stuff or usually they are based on predominantly on some biased aspects. But what we see there(internet) are, some astro-sites which just give you routine computerized automated reports, tarot predictions etc. or some astro-sites say they give free answers, free horoscope and readings etc. all marketing techniques to contact you , but ultimately these astro-sites hook you in to buying and paying for it. That is most of these astrologers and sites lack clarity on the purpose of the application of astrology or just interested in attracting the gullible customers. Please just don't believe them when they say 'FREE'. There is nothing free in this world and everything is according to karmic rules and what is apparent may not be always true and hidden purposes of these many internet sites are not to be taken granted.

In this 19th year (2014) of my astrological practice through internet and personally, I am starting this web site called as a highly specialized, unique, spiritual, Challenging site entirely devoted to mysticism and Clairvoyance.

I don't play commercial-tricks like free readings or sending auto-generated computer readings or copying and pasting the pre-typed data etc. I can assure you that my readings will be individually analyzed and unique reports will be given on case by case basis.

Everything is straightforward and only workable remedies will be suggested.

I am an actual Kundalini raised; repeated episodes of Kundalini Energies have become part of my life. I have done a lot of research in the field of astrology, especially the question charts and Parashara hora, planetary transits and dashas, to the deepest layers of esoterism.

I have deep experiences and expertise in the field of Psychic phenomena, Hindu Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Mysticism, Yoga, healing and Meditation. Astrology has become my passion and my life has been totally spellbound by its astounding powers since I came in touch with wonderful Sage Parashara Hora Shastra scripture and the sages' divine gracious blessings.

Please don't expect any free services from an astrologer, because it will create an unnecessary karmic debt for both. Material, mundane, karmic related questions will be charged full as quoted. But definitely if some one is asking just for the improvement of his/her own spiritual development and/or in disadvantaged position in this Maya ridden world, I will definitely offer them good 20% discount(only for spiritual questions and the questioners are real spiritual seekers) and will give guidance with regard to spirituality only.

Lastly, I can say one thing that, I sacrificed a lot for the sake of astrology and I have left my high-paying job in software long ago, and started in search of astrology and converted the search into 'in search of soul' and happily the journey still continues, with the gracious blessings of all enlightened Masters and Gods and Goddesses and my Lord Shiva and Makali. Won't you join me?

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