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Get Accurate Mystical Predictions to your any/all questions of life in detail. Many have already benefited by me all over the world through our services since 2006. We will give you the World's Best Predictive Astrological Service. You are highly Blessed and fortunate that God has chosen you to be guided by us and we promise to guide you through all your endeavours.

Welcome to fortune predictions created by a clairvoyant, spiritual, psychic, tantric astrologer who gives you mystic answers, even without you telling the questions, by using ancient and modern methods to predict by question oraculums from sahadeva, kalidasa, pakshi, napoleon, tarots, money tarots, dices and dominoes, tealeaves, numerology, palmistry, horoscope and other mystical methods, integrated in to one word called intuition par-excellence.

Restating the obvious is needed! May look like just another astrology site!!! But you will be amazed at the high rate of accuracy and intuitive – predicting healing power that you will keep on consulting me for the rest of your life! No-doubt about it! Please enter with true faith and submit yourself to transformation. There is a definite purpose, locate it. Reach it. Know it. Do it. Be positive and active. The whole universe is a school for the true seeker. Don’t be limited with conditioned ideas, be open and experience the grace of Gods through the divine science of eternal astrology and clean up your karmas to ascend to the higher levels of blissful life and live without any conflict in time-less plane. Take a deep breath, all your wishes are going to be fulfilled effortlessly for the attainment of your highest goals. Each will be advised uniquely and spontaneously, with the total healing and remedial powers, at the same time stressing for the self-efforts also

You are guaranteed that you will be led to the wonderful mystical world of astrology authoritatively and will be guided genuinely and personally. No commercial gimmicks or automated computer fed answers, which minimize the role of an astrologer to a great extent. There are many sites on astrology and answering sites, which are just impersonal and non-interactive. I have started my first astrological-clairvoyant fortune telling site way back in `1996`, when there were not even 20 – 25 sites on the web. I had a very good response then and now I am destined to serve you and all astro-lovers again by my Gurudev’s blessings. I had done a lot of research in the ancient astrology and modern methods and interpretations, and collected hundreds of ancient books, rare materials, tantric (Not to be misunderstood as in the West People relate with the word Tantra, but this is Shiva-Shakthi Kundalini Dashamahavidya saadhanas and yantra and Mantra, Yogic, Vedic, modern, dynamic, shaiva, shaktheyas, ganapathya, sourya, vaishnava, datta and other mystical Masters initiative Tantras….), manuscripts etc. And in the long run you will be taken step by to the Process of Enlightenment and Self realization esoterically step by step, without any religious, sectarian or conditioned outlook.

You will be using Astrology to set yourself absolutely, unconditionally free with a deeply meditative quality to your day to day life. And frankly speaking this is the purpose of Astrology, as a wing (Vedanga) of Vedas, envisioned by the Great sages for the benefit of Mankind. Even though Vedic Astrology has changed a lot in different times and in different cultures and places, the real spiritual seekers are still guided by the Most Powerful Sages like Parashara, Jaimini, Varahamihira, Prahlada, Sahadeva, Shambhu, Agastya, Vashishta, Koushika, and Kakabhujander etc. Vedic Sages, who still guide us mystically and lead us to the path of salvation secularly. Please remember that our Vedic sages are universal enlightened Masters and there is no religious or sectarian outlook and many are now a days accepting the methods of healing and different energy levels and deities and personal Gods, meditations, rituals etc.,etc…, any way, you know it better by now, what is going on in this world now…..,and to save it first save your-self, look at your own self, who you are and what you are destined to do in this world Physically (on Mundane, Materialistic plane), Astrally (on spiritual higher-level conscious planes) and how systematically your karmas are planned by the Planets at your birth and at present how much free-will you have to play with. And is there any light to be illumined upon the path of life to reduce the negative patterns such as delays, failures, conflicts, losses, oppositions, anxieties, ego-problems, fears, insults, defeats, quarrels, deceptions, confusions, irritations, emotional problems, business and professional problems, love problems, marital family problems, money problems, gambling, alcohol, stealing, fighting etc etc. problems. And can my Positive Patterns be increased such as successes, amity, gains, respectability, honesty, high-profits, good partner, good job, promotions, sudden money gains, spiritual successes, Fulfilment of Wishes, Success in exams, driving away of the bad-eye, zeroing the negativities etc, etc…Now Please Click on Click to Consult, which will directly take you to the Ultimate, World's Largest Variety of Questions and For Accurate Mystic Answers and Clairvoyant Answers, Satisfaction guaranteed.
                                    This site is the Astrological World's Greatest Miracle based on mysticism.                                       

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